Cash withdrawal $, €, UAH is possible in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Lviv, Chisinau
Auto-exchange BTC, Adv$, PM, YM is available to Privatbank card / any account in Ukraine.
Exchange in any direction: BTC, PM, Privatbank, Russian Sberbank, Adv$, SEPA, SWIFT, WU, MG

Kiev time -

Exchange rates are presented for the following date 23.10.2020: cashing BTC - 12580, buying BTC - 12770

Give: Take:  Available amount: 513061.89 UAH

При переводе через данную форму банк берет дополнительную комиссию 2% от суммы перевода.

Important! An additional commission of 0.5% is charged for transfers to cards for payments, more details

Important! When making a withdrawal to the card, do not break the payment into several applications. Privatbank often considers such a split as suspicious and delays payments..

How to purchase electronic money?
Make a SWIFT transfer or money transfer Zolotaya Korona, Moneygram, Western Union, Contact, Unistream. Get the name of the recipient from the operator.
When transferring money to our bank account (Ukrainian, Russian, European), customer's obligation is to confirm and prove that this is a transfer from his own account. Our employee must unequivocally find out from the payer that the latter really understands that the payment is made for an exchange operation, that this is not a purchase of goods or payment for other services. Simply put, prove that this payment is not from the 3rd client who pays for the purchase of goods in the counterfeit Internet store. To find out that this is really your account, you need to provide a video image through Skype or Teamviewer . It can be a video broadcast from the Internet bank or the passport of the account holder via a webcam. Selective checks are possible by the decision of the employee based on internal instructions.

After replenishment, write the amount-time-method-wallet
For owners of monitoring exchangers, the export link is here

We accept PayPal from residents of Ukraine, after an interview by phone. Rates: 7% for $, 5% for €, to a European account in €. The type of transfer is “Payment for goods and services” (not payments from friends and family). Transfer through the donation link or strictly with the specified note "Purchase of game currency on the site ___, order No. ___". Check with your payers if they can transfer with such parameters. Instant exchange of PayPal for cash or card account.

Buying / selling Advanced Cash (AdvCash) Reception - sending to Sberbank of the Russian Federation and interbank transfers to the Russian Federation Visa / Mastercard Logo Reception - sending SEPA, swift payments in Europe Reception - sending SWIFT, international payments
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